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Pansy Enamel Pin

Pansy Enamel Pin

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Derived from the French word “penser,” a pansy means to ponder so wearing this pin lets folks know how thoughtful, deep and sapphic you can be. This bright floral decoration is sure to catch the queerest kind of attention. 

All MUKA enamel pin products come with locking backs for extra security! See care instructions for details.


Anita Waysen Tang



highly polished gold-plated metal

Care Instructions

How to remove our locking back

 1. Push the tip up with your fingertips while holding the pin, wiggling and twisting slightly can help. No need to use too much strength. Kids might need help from an adult.


How to clean pin surface for non-screen printed enamel pins.

Warning: Don't rub pins that have screen printed elements. This can remove parts of the design. 


1. Take a clean soft cloth or cotton swab and dip it in a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol.

2. Wipe/swab the edges of the metal and areas where there is dirt. 

3. Let dry naturally and you have a shiny pin!



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