How To Apply Your Plant Based Temporary Tattoo

This temporary tattoo will last up to two weeks with normal wear!

To Apply:

1. Clean the skin and keep it dry

2. Peel the protective film off.

3. Place tattoo side on skin, fully wet a paper towel and press it on for at least 30 seconds. 

4. Peel off the paper, gently pat dry the wet spots and let the new tattoo fully dry. Try to keep the area as dry as possible for the next 48 hours. 

5. Wait for the colour to darken and fully show up within 48 hours. 


Please Note:

In the first 48 hours, try not to lean on the tattoo or it may transfer to another part of the skin.

Sweating too much will cause the tattoo to look fuzzy.

For the first night it's recommended to wear something to cover up the fresh tattoo, otherwise there is a chance it may transfer onto skin in other places. 

If there is any unintentional transfer, it can be scrubbed off or covered up


Happy Applying!