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Egyptian Scarab

Egyptian Scarab

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In Ancient Egypt, the Scarab symbolized the concept of renewal and rebirth, of change and new beginnings. As such, the Scarab is pivotal in reminding us to let go of the past and to embrace the new. It can feel scary and unfamiliar. But change is embedded in every aspect of life so we should welcome it.  

This vibrant Egyptian Scarab pin will armor you with the strength to take on the new and unknown. The Egyptian Scarab pin was carefully designed and comes with 2 different color palettes. You can choose either classic black or stunning off-white to pin onto your apparel.

The Features

  • highly polished gold-plated metal for long-lasting wear
  • the Egyptian Scarab is 2 inches wide
  • securely pinned with double posts on the back
  • features a diverse color palette



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    Customer Reviews

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    Lisa Wang
    ancient egypt vibes

    It's hard to find well made history related things out there, but I'm really glad I found this scarab pins. It's giving me hardcore ancient Egyptian vibes and it looks cool on my outfit too.