Inside Out Film Festival Recap

Inside Out Film Festival Recap

A Spectacular Experience Celebrating Diversity In Artistic Expression

This year, we had the honor to be community partners to Inside Out Film Festival's shorts presentation: Stories We Tell. We were able to attend the premiere of this shorts collection and it was an incredible experience. It left us inspired and appreciative of the power of storytelling. Stories We Tell is a collection eight short films that beautifully captured the personal experiences of the eight film makers with such heart. Here is a recap of the films.


Plant Daddy: A Comical and Profound Reflection

a bearded person holding up a small potted plant and taking a selfie

"Plant Daddy" struck a chord with all of us, as we could all relate to the comical yet meaningful message it conveyed. This short film artfully portrayed the hesitation and procrastination we often face when confronting certain individuals in our lives. With its witty approach, it skillfully reminded us of the importance of addressing and resolving conflicts sooner rather than later.


Magic in Plain Sight: Unveiling the Struggles of Identity

"Magic in Plain Sight" beautifully shed light on the difficulties faced by women and transgender individuals when it comes to finding comfortable clothing. This film effectively communicated the challenges of navigating personal expression and identity within a society that often fails to understand and accommodate diverse experiences.


13 Eggs: An Emotional Journey of Resilience

black and white photo of a body standing

"13 Eggs" took us on a poignant and emotionally charged journey through the challenges faced by a queer indigenous person trying to conceive a child alone. The film's compelling storytelling and powerful portrayal left a lasting impact, inviting us to reflect on the strength and determination required to overcome societal and personal obstacles.


Tabanca: A Delightful Display of Dance and Joy

a person lying on the pillow in the dark contemplating

"Tabanca" brought joy and energy to the festival with its vibrant dancing and mesmerizing choreography. This film served as a reminder of the power of movement and expression in celebrating life and finding solace in our passions.


Skill (Kalã): Art as a Bridge of Understanding

a woman sitting in a barber chair while being tended to by another woman

"Skill (Kalã)" touched our hearts with its heartfelt story of an Asian parent accepting their child's love for art and their sexuality. The film cleverly used the language of art as a means of communication between parent and child, emphasizing the transformative power of acceptance and understanding within family dynamics.


Once in a Red Moon: A Visual Masterpiece

two young women touching foreheads and sharing an intimate moment

With its breathtaking cinematography, "Once in a Red Moon" captivated our senses and left us in awe. This film beautifully depicted the love between two characters, and the symbolism of the elusive moon cake added an element of sentimentality that resonated deeply. It reminded us of the preciousness of love and the little moments that create cherished memories.


The Year Long Boulder: Relationships as Anchors

a person standing next to a lgith colored boulder. the photo is overlayed with cursive text

"The Year Long Boulder" took a unique and artistic approach in exploring the impact of relationships on an individual's life. Through its imaginative storytelling, the film illustrated how certain relationships can be a source of support during difficult times, while others can weigh us down and make us feel burdened. It encouraged us to reflect on the relationships we cultivate and their influence on our well-being.


The Left Hand: Embracing Authenticity

a young boy in white tshirt with red stripe on the sleeve looking onward

"The Left Hand" delivered a powerful message about the freedom of embracing one's true self, unhindered by the constraints of others' personal beliefs. The outstanding performance showcased the journey of self-discovery, and we were moved by the immediate acceptance demonstrated by the protagonist's mother. It left us with a profound sense of hope and reminded us of the importance of acceptance and unconditional love.


Attending and sponsoring this film festival was an incredibly rewarding experience for our team. The diversity of stories and perspectives showcased in each film left us appreciating the boundless creativity and talent of filmmakers. We are grateful for the opportunity to witness these moving works of art.

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