There's nothing wrong with a pink dress, but you should be the one that chooses it.

All your life you've told that you have to dress a certain way because of your a girl/boy and that you must erase anything that makes you "different" in order to fit into a dominant eurocentric version of society.

But fashion is not about fitting in, it's about STANDING OUT.

Fashion is self-expression. Fashion is the power to define who you are, what you care about, and how you see the world.

And no one should get to dictate that for you but yourself. 

MUKA is represents a new fashion philosophy.

One where creativity, diversity and genderfluidity is valued above all else.

We're here to tell you it's ok to be you. In fact, it's the best thing ever!

We want to help build a future where fast fashion will be replaced by thoughtful consumption; where art is valued as an essential part of our lives and where BIPoC and Queer people are given the genuine representation they deserve.


Fiercely Creative

Our products are designed by artists who are fairly compensated and credited. We empower artists by supporting their craft and livelihood

Proudly Inclusive

Our products welcome all bodies and gender expressions. Embracing unique individuality is at the heart of why we exist

Passionately Trailblazing

We’re here to help build a future that is consciously inclusive of BIPoC and people of all genders.