Our Values

One size fits all? Not anymore!

You’ve been dressing for other peoples expectations your whole life. But how much of it is really you? The mainstream culture is always shaping us to fit in with the crowd but these social constructs tell you to erase everything that makes you special because they say that to be celebrated and worthy you have to be just like everybody else.

True style is about standing out.

Style is self-expression. Style is the power to define who you are, what you care about, and how you see the world. And no one should get to dictate your style but you. 

MUKA represents a radical philosophy: one where your unique style comes before antiquated ideals. 

Here at MUKA, we’re dragging gender norms in a new direction. Age old traditions like gender binaries and eurocentric ideals are changing and evolving with the times, just like you and me. You don't need to hide anymore. Now is the time to present your full self proudly and celebrate your heritage, your culture, your love passionately. 

We think that you matter just as you are. We celebrate and embrace all of you and we're here to create everything that helps you express that through your fashion. 



Through products designed by artists that are fairly compensated and credited, we empower creators by supporting their craft and livelihood.


Our products welcome all bodies and gender expressions. Embracing unique individuality is at the heart of our existence.


We’re consciously inclusive of people of all genders, ethnicities, cultures, and abilities.