Sapphic Lily


One of the oldest stories about lilies goes back to ancient Greece when the goddess Hera was tricked into breastfeeding one of her husband’s demi-god children. The baby sucked way harder than expected and when Hera pulled it off herself in surprise, droplets of her breast milk fell to Earth and flowered into lilies where they landed.

The lily became a symbol of fertility and purity, and brides would wear them as a sign of virginity. But that’s not quite what you’re wearing here, is it? In Rome, the goddess of love got jealous of the flower’s beauty and gave it a long, stinky stem in the middle. These “pistils” are how the lilies reproduce so, long story short, the goddess gave the virginal flower a big sexy spot. 

Thankfully, when wearing the pure white petals of this pin, that certain sapphic somebody won’t wonder if you’re down to play with their pistil. They’ll know you’ve got what it takes to moisten that flowerbed and make them bloom, bloom, bloom.

  • highly polished gold-plated metal for long-lasting wear
  • measures 2.4 inch wide
  • securely pinned with two post on each back
  • enamel pin design is based on our original artwork
  • features a white and brown color palette

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