Golden Ginkgo Leaf


In Eastern Asia, the Ginkgo tree lives for thousands of years and can withstand the harshest conditions. Through it all, it still stands tall and firm. Such endurance is disguised in its smooth and exotic fan-like leaves. Beyond its endurance, the tree’s beauty never ceases to amaze anyone who sets eyes on it.  

In honor of all the people out there who carry on despite the challenges, the Golden Ginkgo pin was made just for you. The Golden Gingko pin depicts the same strength that the tree carries. A conversation starter, the center of attention – this pin will surely draw fascination from many people. Better yet, the pin’s intricate coloring and design add a special touch to any fabric.

The Features

  • highly polished gold-plated metal for long-lasting wear
  • the ginkgo pin is 1.6 inches wide
  • securely pinned with 2 posts on the back
  • features a golden yellow color palette

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