Ivy C Draws

Fat Bunny


Do you love cute and cuddly animals? Do you find it hard to resist hugging or squishing their cheeks? What better way to show your adoration for these lovely creatures than to pin our Chubby Bunny pin to your bag, clothes and other accessories.

The Chubby Bunny pin exudes chill and relaxing vibes, something we need from time to time. From our collection, you have 3 color choices: black, rose, and white. Whether you’re going to a party or strolling around town, the Chubby Bunny pin will definitely spark some ‘aws’!

The Features
  • comes in 3 colors, with highly polished metal for long-lasting wear
  • the chubby bunny is 1.4 inches wide
  • securely pinned with a single post on the back
  • features a black, white, or rose color palette

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