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After years of working in the animation industry, we became increasingly dissatisfied with the work we were doing for shows that are made purely to drive the sale of toys. Because these shows are usually developed based on existing market data and existing IP, it left little room for diversity of ideas, and the merchandise that are produced based on these shows are equally so. Not to mention there are some questionable business practices when it came to the treatment of workers and the silencing of BIPoC and Queer voices. We firmly believed that the future of merchandise and IP development can be different. We believed that we can find a way to make meaningful products that appeals to all customers from all walks of life.
December 17, 2017 - we official register for a business number
June, 2018 - we attend our very first event
April 2019 - we rebrand to MUKA
October 2020 - we have a new visual branding
2025 - store + gallery